Newco manufactures Gate, Globe, Check, Stop Check, and Tilting Disc in a full range of materials, valve styles, and pressure classes. Newco facilities operate under ISO 9001-2000 & 14001-2004 series registration. All valves are compliant to the industry standards of API, ASTM, ASME. Inspection and testing is maintained through the manufacturing processing to verify compliance to these standards as well as any specific customer requirements.

NEWCO cast steel gate, globe and check valves exceed all industry design requirements. These valves range from 2" to 54" (50 mm to 1350 mm) in pressure classes 150 to 1500.

NEWCO pressure seal valves are ideal for standard and critical power industry applications. The pressure seal bonnet joint eliminates the body/bonnet flanges, reducing weight and simplifying the application of exterior insulation. Contrary to bolted bonnet valves, internal pressure applied to a pressure seal valve forces the sealing elements into tighter contact, the higher the internal pressure, the tighter the seal.

NEWCO OIC brand offers a complete line of gate, globe and check valves in sizes 1/4" to 24" (5 mm to 600 mm), ASME Classes 150 to 1500, in various grades of stainless steel. The OIC line of stainless steel valves is constructed to meet and exceed industry standards.

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